Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2nd Magsaysay Bridge

2nd Magsaysay Bridge
"A landmark in Butuan City"

So much to cheers to all Butuanon when the 2nd Magsaysay Bridge was inaugurated and open in public last April 30, 2007. After a decade of waiting that another bridge will be constructed to support the voluminous traffic in the aging 1st Magsaysay Bridge, finally became a reality, the construction of the 2nd Magsaysay Bridge.

The aging 1st Magsaysay Bridge that was built in 1950's always undergoes major renovation for years. This prompts me to become uneasy person as I passed by to the center of the bridge. But this old bridge was proving to be mightier than a mighty Agusan River because it lives there for years.

Now, the 2nd Magsaysay Bridge, which is 3 kilometers from the existing 1st Magsaysay Bridge, has the two-lane, 870-meterlong, 6.7-meter wide which is considered as the longest suspension bridge in the entire Mindanao. This new bridge has been a success after the achievement of another landmark, which is the Butuan City Hall Complex.

The 2nd Magsaysay Bridge has 13.21-km bypass road with 11.4 meters wide became the longest road span in the Philippines as well as in the whole world that will compare to England's London Bridge. This road span traverses Iligan-Cagayan-Butuan City Road on the north and General Santos-Davao-Butuan City Road on the south.

That's Me & The beautifull sunset

The 2nd Magsaysay Bridge will boost economic progress in the city. As we know the 1st Magsaysay Bridge share the most part in Butuan's economic progress. Butuan, aside from its rich in historical background, it is considered as the center of of commerce and industry in terms of its strategic location in Mindanao. The existence of these two bridges will link Butuan to Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Surigao provinces as well as Bukidnon. This will also encourage partnership of distant cities of the region in economic and business activities.

Congratulations to all Butuanons!!!